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Florida Court Records

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Seminole County Arrest Records

In Seminole County, Florida, law enforcement officers may arrest an individual suspected of committing a crime with a warrant, on sight without a warrant, or when the officer has probable cause to arrest a particular person. On special occasions, traffic violators may also be arrested.

Upon reaching the sheriff's office or police station, an officer collects and records information about the arrestee and the arrest in a process known as "booking". This leads to the creation of an arrest record. Information collected and documented in an arrest record includes the arrestee's biographical details and details surrounding the arrest.

An agency that conducted a particular arrest is responsible for documenting it and maintaining a repository of it. For documentation purposes, arrest records may be transferred between multiple agencies, resulting in records on various databases, including Seminole County court records. The Seminole County Sheriff's Office is the primary custodian of arrest records. Arrest records may also be found during a criminal history or background check.

Are Arrest Records Public in Seminole County?

Yes. Per the Florida Sunshine Law, all records created and maintained by public agencies are public and must be made available by the concerned agency to interested persons. Under this law, arrest records constitute the Seminole County public records and may be inspected by interested parties. To access any arrest record of interest, interested parties must submit a public records request to the appropriate agency. However, note that arrest records containing certain information are not public, especially if they contain any of the following:

  • Information whose disclosure threatens the credibility of an ongoing investigation or criminal court proceeding
  • Sensitive details about criminal offenders
  • Information that may identify minors
  • Information that could sabotage a defendant's right to a fair trial
  • Medical information
  • Any document or portion thereof that exposes analysis or techniques used by law enforcement officers during an investigation
  • Sensitive information that may endanger a witness' safety or life, such as their telephone number, home address, or social security number.

What Do Public Arrest Records Contain?

Interested parties will typically find the following contents of arrest records in publicly available record copies or search databases:

  • The full name and date of birth of the arrestee
  • Physical descriptors, such as eye color, hair color, weight, height, gender, race, and any notable marks or tattoos
  • Occupation and address
  • Charges currently pressed against the arrestee
  • Arrest information, including location, date, and time of arrest
  • Booking information, such as booking number, time, and date
  • Fingerprints and mugshots.

Seminole County Crime Rate

According to a 2021 FDLE crime report, the total crime index in the said year was 6,295. These included rape (206), murder (15), robbery (134), aggravated assault (724), burglary (878), larceny (4,009), and motor vehicle theft (329). The crime rate per 100,000 people was 1,318.4, while the clearance rate per 100 offenses was 23.1. Compared to 2020, the percentage change in crime index was -14.9%, while the percentage change in crime rate was -15.0%. (Note: the 2021 estimate is based on 91.6% of the Seminole County population.)

Seminole County Arrest Statistics

According to an FDLE arrest report, there were 8,760 arrests in Seminole County in 2021. Adult arrests were 8,177, while juvenile arrests were 583. The arrest rate per 100,000 people in the said year was 1,834.7. There were nine arrests for murder, 27 for rape, 45 for robbery, and 275 for aggravated assault. Arrests made for simple assault had the highest incidence, totaling 1,705. Arrests for motor vehicle theft were 50, while those for burglary were 89. Arrests related to larceny and arson were 683 and three, respectively. The total number of arrests in the previous year, 2020, was 8,252. This indicated a 5.8% percentage rise. (Note: the 2021 estimate is based on data representing 91.6% of the county's population.)

Find Seminole County Arrest Records

Seminole County arrest records are generated and maintained by various police departments, the Seminole Department of Corrections, and the County Sheriff's Office. While each agency is typically responsible for records related to arrests made by them, the county sheriff's office is the central repository of arrest records.

To look up records on a particular arrest, visit the agency that made the arrest and query the appropriate division or unit, commonly known as the "records unit" or "records division". Typically, there are no fees required to inspect these records. However, a searcher must cover the cost of any copying necessitated by their search.

Alternatively, people can search online for inmates held in the Seminole County Jail via the inmate search website provided by the sheriff's office. Applicable search parameters for this website include an inmate's last name and date of birth. Information obtainable from this website includes an inmate's full name, date of birth, arrest date, bond amount, court dates, dispositions, court case number, arresting agency, and charges.

To conduct a statewide arrest record search, which includes data for Seminole County, one may use the Florida Department of Corrections Offender Information Search database. Relevant search parameters include a record subject's first name, last name, or DC number. The DC number consists of six characters and functions as an arrestee's unique identifier.

Records on individuals arrested by the FBI and held in federal custody may be found by using the Federal Inmate Locator. The locator tool enables searchers to find the specific facility where a particular inmate is being held and is searchable by an arrestee's name.

Free Arrest Record Search in Seminole County

Walk-in record searches at local police departments and the sheriff's office are typically free. Under the state's public records law, inspection of public records, which includes arrest records, is free, except when a record seeker requests copies of records. The sheriff's office also provides a free inmate search tool on its website, enabling free remote access to records. To use this tool, a record seeker must possess the last name or date of birth of the inmate.

Alternatively, one may use privately owned public search databases provided for this purpose. These websites are managed by third-party information service contractors who collate records from various law enforcement agencies and provide them to record seekers for a fee. Fees are only required when a searcher seeks a comprehensive or detailed report. Basic arrest information on these sites is typically free.

Get Seminole County Criminal Records

Seminole County criminal records encompass all information maintained about a person's involvement with the criminal justice agencies and criminal history, including convictions, arrests, sentencing information, probation and parole records, warrants, fines and fees, and notifications about sealed or expunged records. Criminal records are maintained by various agencies with specific jurisdictions at the county, state, and federal levels.

People search for criminal records for many purposes, including background checks for employment and tenancy screening. Courts also refer to a defendant's criminal history when determining sentencing or recommending alternative sentencing.

The Seminole County Sheriff's Office is the primary custodial agency for criminal records and is responsible for facilitating record searches. In many cases, criminal records are only available to record subjects, their attorneys, law enforcement officers, and other authorized third parties. Interested parties should query the sheriff's office at:

Seminole County Sheriff's Office
Records Section
100 Eslinger Way
Sanford, FL 32773

Record seekers can also request criminal records from a court that handled the case. Regardless of the queried agency, a searcher typically needs a valid means of identification and the full name of a record's subject to furnish the search. Note that certain nominal fees may apply.

Alternatively, one may obtain criminal history information from the FDLE's Division of Criminal Justice Services (CJIS). This online resource covers criminal records, including sex offenders and wanted persons, created for various counties located in the state of Florida and charges a public request fee of $24. Depending on an inquirer's specific needs, they can use any of the various options provided on this website for their criminal history record check.

Seminole County Arrest Records Vs. Criminal Records

Arrest records contain information about incidents of an individual's arrest by law enforcement officers, such as the time, date, and location of the arrest, the specific charges that led to the arrest, booking information, and an arrestee's name, date of birth, and physical descriptors. They are created at the time of an arrest and may contain information about multiple arrests. Arrest records are generally considered public information.

On the contrary, criminal records document a person's involvement with the criminal justice system. They provide a broader overview of an individual's criminal history, as they include details about criminal court proceedings, sentences, convictions, probation or parole status, other charges, and other relevant crime-related information associated with the person. Criminal records are not entirely public.

How Long Do Arrests Stay on Your Record?

Indefinitely. There are no established timeframes within which arrests can stay on a person's record in Florida. This depends largely on the retention policies of the law enforcement agency concerned. However, people who meet the eligibility requirements may petition a court of competent jurisdiction for the sealing or expungement of their arrest and other criminal records. Either of the aforementioned actions erases the affected records from the person's visible public records.

Expunge Seminole County Arrest Records

Expungement is a legal action taken by first-time offenders to completely remove information related to an arrest and its associated charges from their public record. Apart from first-time offenses, a person may qualify for an expungement if the charge against them is dropped or not filed if they were not found guilty at trial and if the case was dismissed. In any case, satisfying the aforementioned conditions does not guarantee an expungement, as this is solely determined by the court.

Per Florida Statutes 943.059 and 943.0585, records of certain offenses cannot be expunged, except the charges were dropped or dismissed. They include sexual battery, luring a child, sexual misconduct between mentally ill patients and employees, drug trafficking, child abuse, terrorism, manslaughter, homicide, arson, sharing obscene materials with juveniles, and kidnapping.

Before filing for an arrest record expungement, a record's subject must obtain a certificate of eligibility for expunction from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. This certificate is valid for 12 months and requires a $75 processing fee. After this step, they file an expungement petition at a court of competent jurisdiction. The petitioner must file the petition along with a self-sworn statement and a certificate of eligibility.

If the court grants the petition, it proceeds to order the involved criminal justice agencies to expunge the affected arrest records. Persons who have an expunged arrest record may lawfully fail to acknowledge or deny the said records, except when screened for employment with a criminal justice agency or if they are a defendant in a criminal prosecution.

Seminole County Arrest Warrants

Arrest warrants are documents issued by courts to authorize or order the arrest of an individual suspected of committing a crime. To obtain an arrest warrant, law enforcement officers must present to a court sufficient evidence to establish probable cause that the individual to be named in a warrant is responsible for a crime that has been committed. Occasions that authorize law enforcement officers to conduct an arrest without a warrant include if they witnessed a crime, they have probable cause to believe an individual committed a crime, the suspect violated the terms of probation or parole, or the individual has an outstanding warrant issued in another jurisdiction.

Individuals arrested without a warrant have legal rights to know the charges for which they are being held. They also have the right to challenge or seek to resolve a warrant legally. The contents of an arrest warrant include the following:

  • The name of the person to be arrested
  • The date and county of issue
  • Bail amount
  • Return date
  • Arrest clause
  • The nature of the offense or the pressed charges
  • The name and signature of the issuing authority.

Seminole County Arrest Warrant Search

Active arrest warrants are typically unavailable to the public. These records are only accessible to law enforcement officers and authorized individuals. Executed arrest warrants, however, may be public if their disclosure does not compromise the integrity of criminal justice processes. Public arrest warrants can be found at the sheriff's office or the court's clerk's office where the warrant was issued. A record seeker must provide the warrant subject's name to aid the search. Additionally, they may need to present a means of identification.

For a statewide arrest warrant search, interested parties may use the FDLE wanted persons search page.

Do Seminole County Arrest Warrants Expire?

No. Once issued, a Seminole County arrest warrant remains valid until the individual named on the warrant has been apprehended or the subject dies. If the subject contests the warrant because it is invalid or illegal and wins, the court may quash or recall the warrant.

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