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Florida Court Records

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Okeechobee County Court Records

Okeechobee County Court records consist of documents and papers created or maintained by the courts that document the legal process and decisions made by the courts. Court records include general information about a case, such as transcripts, claims, dockets, exhibits, pleadings, orders, appeals, and judgments. In addition, each court record contains details about the case, such as the case number, names of parties -defendant and plaintiff, attorneys -names and contact information, case overview, court jurisdiction, filing, hearing, and judgment dates.

Florida Court records play a vital role in legal matters in the state. Documenting court proceedings ensures fairness and impartiality throughout the court process. Furthermore, court records serve as potential evidence for future legal disputes.

Are Court Records Public in Okeechobee County?

Yes, Okeechobee County court records are open to the public. The Florida Public Record Law provides that any record produced, received, or maintained by any public agency during its official business is open for viewing, inspection, and copying. Therefore, the Okeechobee County court allows public access to its records and makes them available to anyone upon written request.

However, some court records are exempt from public view. Section 119.071 of the law exempts from copying or inspection records that are:

  • Sealed by a court order or exempted by federal statute
  • Personal information contained in a court record where disclosure may result in an invasion of personal privacy
  • Contains information identifying undercover personnel or criminal informants with any law enforcement agency

Therefore, juvenile court records, adoption records, medical records, trade secrets, mental health records, child paternity, custody and visitation court records, domestic violence court records, and guardianship records are generally unavailable from public inspection or copying. Moreover, the content of Okeechobee County Public records will not include social security numbers, financial account information, victims' and witnesses' information, personal email addresses, information about victims of sexual or child abuse crimes, and insurance information. The law requires record custodians to redact personal identifying information from court records.

Okeechobee County Court Records Search

Persons seeking Okeechobee County Court records have multiple options. Firstly, the Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller serve as the record custodian and make available court records on a written request. Also, record seekers may obtain the records in person at the courthouse. Lastly, Okeechobee County provides an online Court Record Search tool to access court records originating from the county.

Okeechobee County Court Records Search by Name

Interested persons may perform a name-based search for types of Okeechobee County Court records using the Online Court Record Search platform. To commence a name-based search, record seekers must have the first and last name on the court record or the business name.

However, to narrow down the results further, record seekers may input the date of case filing, social security number, or date of birth during a court record search by name. While the platform permits the public to view court records anonymously without login credentials, record seekers must register and create an account to view additional non-confidential documents from the Family and Probate Courts.

Okeechobee County court record search by name is also possible at the Clerk of Court Office. Record seekers may use any of the self-service terminals provided at the office to conduct a name-based search. The record custodian sets a fee to purchase Okeechobee court records. The fees vary depending on the record type and the number of copies requested.

Okeechobee County Courts

The Okeechobee trial court system consists of a Circuit and County Court. The directory of court locations within the county is provided below:

Circuit Courts in Okeechobee County
Okeechobee County Circuit Court
Okeechobee County Courthouse
312 NorthWest 3rd Street
Okeechobee, FL 34972
Phone: (863) 763-2131

County Courts in Okeechobee County
Okeechobee County Courthouse
312 NorthWest 3rd Street,
Okeechobee, FL 34972
Phone: (863) 763-2131

Okeechobee County District Court Records

District Courts in Florida are the trial courts of appeal, commonly called District Courts of Appeal. These courts are intermediate appellate courts responsible for reviewing appeal decisions from the Circuit and County Courts. District Courts in Florida review decisions made by the lower courts to ensure the correct execution of the law and the protection of the rights of both parties.

There are no distinct District Courts in Okeechobee County. The trial courts in the county, as well as the circuit and county courts within the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit, serve as the primary courts for the county. As a result, the District Court of Appeal for the Fourth District hears appeals from these courts. Persons seeking to access records specific to the District Court in Okeechobee County may contact the Clerk of the Circuit Court. There may be fees associated with obtaining copies of the court records from the Clerk’s Office.

Okeechobee County Criminal Records

Criminal records are official documents detailing an individual's encounter with the criminal justice system. It lists a person's criminal history, enumerating the offenses, charges, dispositions, and court appearances for which the individual had contact with law enforcement agencies.

Okeechobee County criminal records are public records open for inspection and copying. Persons seeking Okeechobee County arrest records may contact the Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office. The Office accepts criminal records requests by email, mail, phone, or in person. Furthermore, record seekers may request Okeechobee arrest records online using the GovQA Public Portal. Requesters must create an account to track and monitor their requests.

Okeechobee County Criminal Court Case Lookup

Criminal court records are papers and documents generated during a criminal case. Okeechobee County criminal court records are available online using the Online Court Record Search platform. Record seekers may query the database using the Person, Business, or Case Search. To search for a case, record seekers need to input the year of case filing, the type of court, and the case number sequence. The Person or Business Search requires the searcher to input the first and last name or full business name.

The Clerk of the Circuit Court also grants access to criminal court case records in its custody. Interested persons may request Okeechobee criminal records in person or by mail. Mail requests must include a money order for the fees and valid government-issued identification cards. Walk-in requesters for Okeechobee County criminal records may fill out any form required by the Clerk’s Office and pay the fees.

Get Okeechobee County Civil Court Records

Civil court records are public records and contain official papers created during a civil court case proceeding. Okeechobee County civil court records include civil and equity, real estate title, and administrative agency appeals records. They include landlord-tenant disputes, general civil claims above $15,000, and uncontested divorce and civil dissolution cases.

Okeechobee County civil court records are available via the Online Court Record Search web tool. Record seekers can view the records anonymously or create an account to access non-confidential Probate and Family Court records. The platform permits record seekers to search the database using the name or case number on the civil court record.

Furthermore, the Clerk of the Circuit Court is the record custodian for Okeechobee civil court records. Persons seeking the records may visit the courthouse where the case was filed or mail a written request. Mail requests must include a check or money order for the fees and valid government-issued identification cards.

Okeechobee County Family Court Records

Family Courts are specialized courts that handle family-related disputes. There are no dedicated Family Courts in Okeechobee County. The Circuit Court handles family law matters in the county. The Circuit Courts in Okeechobee County have jurisdiction over name change, divorce, paternity, child custody, child support, adoptions, child abuse, domestic violence, guardianship, and termination of parental rights cases. Although Family Court records are public records, some court records, such as juvenile court records, paternity and child abuse records, are closed to the public.

The Clerk of the Circuit Court in Okeechobee County maintains Family Court records. Persons seeking the records may contact the office in person. The office also accepts mail-in requests for Family Court records. The Office charges a fee to search and obtain copies of the record. Walk-in requests for Family Court records may pay the fees using credit or debit cards, while mail-in requesters may pay the fees with checks or money orders.

Requests must include the names on the records, case number, and year of filing. The Office of the Circuit Court provides online access to Family Court records. To access the records, record seekers must create an account to view non-exempted Family Court records.

Okeechobee Dissolution of Marriage Records

Dissolution of marriage is the legal process of ending a legal marriage union or a civil partnership. Marriage dissolution formally ends marital obligations between the couple. In Florida, the process of marriage dissolution is similar to divorce proceedings.

All dissolution of marriages in Okeechobee County are recorded and filed with the Clerk of Circuit Courts. Record seekers may visit the office to obtain copies of the record. The office also accepts mail-in requests for dissolution of marriage records.

Okeechobee County Marriage and Divorce Records

Marriage records are government-issued documents certifying the legal union between a couple. Okeechobee County marriage records consist of marriage licenses and marriage certificates. Per state law, Okeechobee County marriage records are public records and are open to the public. The Okeechobee Clerk of the Circuit Court files and maintains the records of marriages consummated in the county. The Clerk permits record seekers to purchase certified copies of the record. Interested persons may visit the office to purchase the records or mail in their requests.

The Clerk of Courts charges a fee to obtain certified copies of Okeechobee County marriage certificates. The Bureau of Vital Statistics also issues marriage certificates from June 6, 1927, to the present. Record seekers may fill out the Application for Florida Marriage Certificate Form. The Bureau charges $5 for the first certificate issued and $4 per copy of additional certificates issued.

Divorce records are legal documents detailing the end of a marriage. Divorce records are public records and are available at the Circuit court where the divorce was finalized. Record seekers can obtain Okeechobee County divorce records from June 6, 1927, to the present from the Clerk of the Circuit Court's Office. The office accepts mail and walk-in requests for certified copies of divorce records and charges a fee for the records. Walk-in requesters can pay the fees using a debit or credit card, while mail requesters must include checks or money orders for the fees.

Record seekers can also obtain Okeechobee County divorce records from the Bureau of Vital Statistics in Florida. Interested persons may complete the Application for Florida Dissolution of Marriage Certificate Form. There is a non-refundable search fee of $5 for one certified copy of the record and $4 for additional copies of the divorce records. The office accepts in-person and mail requests for divorce records.

Persons requesting certified copies of Okeechobee marriage and divorce records can visit the state vital Statistics office or mail their completed application and fees to:

Florida Department of Health
Bureau of Vital Statistics
ATTN: Vital Records Section
P.O. Box 210
Jacksonville, FL 32231-0042

Okeechobee Birth and Death Records

Birth records are government-issued documents detailing the birth of a person. On the converse, death records are legal documents that state the cause, date, and place where an individual died. Birth and death records are part of Okeechobee County vital records and are publicly available. Birth records are important legal documents used as proof of age and are useful for social security and school registration. Families can use death records to settle their affairs -wills, and estates, while the states use the records to stop pensions, social security payments, and other benefits.

Per state law, Okeechobee County birth records are open to only the individual and parents listed on the birth records, their legal guardians, or legal representatives. The law further permits only immediate family members of the deceased, persons named on the will, or life insurance beneficiaries to obtain death records where the cause of death is listed on the record.

Eligible persons may purchase Okeechobee County birth certificates from the Okeechobee County Health Department. The department also issues death records from 2009 to the present. Requests for death or birth records may be requested in person or by mail. There is a $15 fee for death records and a $17 charge to obtain birth records. The fees are payable using a cashier's check or money order for mail-in requests and debit or credit cards for walk-in requests. Requests must be accompanied by a valid photo identification card of the requester. The office directory and mailing address is at:

Okeechobee County Department of Health
1728 NorthWest 9th Avenue
Okeechobee, FL 34972

Okeechobee County Probate Court Records

The Okeechobee Circuit Court handles probate cases filed in the county. Probate matters and family law cases typically heard at the court include estate and guardianships, wills, trusts, divorce, child support, and child custody. The Probate Court also has jurisdiction over mental health cases such as involuntary hospitalization. Furthermore, the court hears juvenile cases concerning juvenile delinquency and child protection cases. Probate records are generally public records, although there are exceptions to accessing sensitive or sealed records.

The Clerk of the Circuit Court is the record custodian for probate cases filed in the county. Record seekers may visit the office in person or mail a written request for the records. Record seekers must submit their requests with photocopies of valid identification cards. The Clerk charges a fee for the search and for obtaining copies of the record.

The Clerk of the Circuit Court also provides access to Okeechobee Probate records using the Online Court Record Search. Searchers can query the database using the Person or Case Search option. Record seekers must register and create accounts to access non-exempted Probate Court records.

Okeechobee County Property Records

Okeechobee County property records are the official documents that provide information on a real estate property. It contains details on the ownership, history, and characteristics of the property. Okeechobee County property records are public records. The Office of the Property Appraiser is responsible for receiving and maintaining property records in Okeechobee County. Record seekers may purchase the request by mail, phone, email, or in person. The record custodian charges 15 cents for single-sided copies and 20 cents for double-sided copies of property records. Where the request requires extensive clerical, supervisory or technical assistance, a special charge is incurred. Contact the office at:

Okeechobee County Property Appraiser
ATTN: Patti Wilson, Custodian
Public Record Request
409 NorthWest 2nd Avenue, Suite B
Okeechobee, FL 34972
(863) 763-4422

Okeechobee County Court Records Online

Third-party sources like Floridacourtrecords.us provide several advantages to users who may use them, such as convenience and a friendly user interface over official sources. They also aggregate information from multiple sources into a single point of access, which can help users save time. Users of these services should note that it is important to consider the possibility of varying critical data from third-party sources compared to official sources. Such platforms operate independently of any government agency. As such the record results, availability and accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

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