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Florida Court Records

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Duval County Court Records

Per Florida Statute 28.24, Duval County court records encompass all documents contained within a court file. This includes statements of claim, dockets, transcripts, exhibits, judgments, and related court case materials filed with the court clerk. Court records may exist in various formats, including electronic data, written papers, video recordings, or stenographic tapes.

The significance of court records goes beyond promoting public accountability within the court system. In Duval County, Florida, these documents establish precedents for legal cases. As such, they are valuable to judicial officers, attorneys, and legal researchers working on current cases or who want to understand the evolution of law. The records also offer insight into the workings of the justice system. The Circuit and County Court Clerk preserves all court records in Duval County.

Are Court Records Public in Duval County?

Yes. According to the Florida Sunshine Law, records generated by the state, county, or municipality are accessible to all. Court records are deemed disclosable to the public, with the Florida Rules of General Practice and Judicial Administration 2.420 and the Standards for Access Matrix regulating access.

Nonetheless, there are exceptions to the presumption of public access. Some court records are restricted to ensure individual privacy and effective judicial administration. These restrictions include:

  • Trial and appellate court notes, memoranda, conference records, drafts of opinions and orders, and other similar written materials prepared by judges or court staff for the court's decision-making process unless officially filed as part of the court record.
  • Advisory opinions on court administration that necessitate confidentiality to protect governmental interests, such as court security, public safety, or criminal investigations.
  • Allegations of misconduct against judges until probable cause is shown.
  • Records designated as confidential under the constitutional and statutory laws, court rules, and regulations established by the Judicial Qualifications Commission. Court records may also be confidential by court order.

Duval County Court Records Search

Individuals seeking a Duval County court record search have several options available. They can access case records online on the court's official website or a private website that provides the service. Another option is to visit the courthouse to use the public access terminals or seek assistance from the court clerk.

Duval County Court Records Search by Name

Generally, a researcher can access a non-confidential Duval County court record with a case number or the name of a party involved. Those intending to search by name must provide the name of the plaintiff or defendant. Inquiries can be made online, via mail, or in-person.

The online system used to manage court records in Duval County is called CORE (Clerk Online Resource ePortal). To access a case record by name, individuals can log in as an existing user (or create an account) or use the system's public access option. Upon entering a name, the corresponding case record will be retrieved. It is important to note that the case record provided through this medium summarizes the complete record.

Furthermore, one may stop by the courthouse where a case was heard to request a record inspection with a name or access public computers to find case information. Although inspecting records is free, obtaining a copy may require a fee.

Lastly, requesters can mail an inquiry bearing a case party's name to the Clerk's office to obtain a court record.

Duval County Courts

A part of the 4th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida, Duval County has criminal and civil county and circuit courts that hear local cases at the following address:

Duval County Courthouse
501 West Adams Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Phone: (904) 255-2000

Duval County Superior Court Case Search

Duval County does not have a superior court. Instead, the circuit court holds original jurisdiction over all cases not handled by the county court. Cases heard by the court, such as felony criminal cases, juvenile cases, malpractice matters, and tax disputes, can be searched for remotely using the Clerk Online Resource ePortal.

CORE has two levels of access: general and registered users. General users have basic access to non-confidential records. However, they cannot access documents not reviewed and published on the system or records covered by specific court rules, such as the Florida Probate Rules or the Florida Rules of Family Law.

On the contrary, registered users can request a specific court record that may exist but is not currently available on CORE to be reviewed and published. Once the document undergoes a thorough review, it will be published, and the user will be notified via email. In addition, registered users can access non-confidential records in cases governed by Florida's Probate Rules and Rules of Family Law at no cost.

Certain documents, including records predating the database, may not be accessible to residents via the case management system; however, they can be obtained in Person at the Clerk's office.

Downtown Courthouse
501 West Adams Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Beaches Branch
1543 Atlantic Boulevard
Neptune Beach, FL 32266
Traffic: (904) 255-2300
Other departments: (904) 255-2000

Alternatively, inquirers can submit a written request via mail, including sufficient information about the record to aid in its recovery. Those seeking further assistance may contact the Clerk's office by email or phone.

Duval County District Court Records

In Duval County, there are no district courts. Instead, the county court hears minor cases, including misdemeanors, traffic, and some civil cases. Individuals seeking case records from the county court division should direct their requests to the Clerk of the Circuit and County Courts office. Records can be obtained from the Clerk in Person, by mail, or online.

Duval County Criminal Records

A Duval County criminal record encompasses a person's criminal history, primarily arrests within the county. Per the Florida Sunshine Law, these records are open to interested members of the public.

To find Duval arrest records, individuals can send a public records request to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Public Records Unit as follows:

  • Online via the Public Records Center
  • Via written correspondence to the following mailing address:

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office
Attn: Public Records Unit
501 East Bay Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202

The name and birth date of the search subject are required, and a fee may apply to obtain copies.

The county sheriff's office only disseminates Duval County arrest records. Persons requiring other criminal records should contact the agency that made an arrest or perform a statewide check through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), the state's central repository of criminal records. A search and processing fee may apply, typically $24 per search and $1 for processing a credit/debit card payment.

Duval County Criminal Court Case Lookup

Persons seeking information about a criminal court case litigated in Duval County should query the Clerk of the Circuit and County Courts office, the official custodian of such records. As mentioned, the court clerk offers the CORE database and other offline options (mail, in Person) to obtain case information, including felony and misdemeanor case records.

How To Get Duval County Civil Court Records

Civil cases are adjudicated in the county or circuit court in Duval County, depending on the monetary value of a claim. These noncriminal proceedings encompass a variety of issues, ranging from small claims and evictions to breaches of contract and claims for damages, among others. Each court keeps a detailed record of the cases it handles on file. These records are generally available to the public unless deemed confidential.

Individuals can search for civil case records online on the Clerk of the Circuit and County Courts' website for ease of access. As mentioned, the Clerk has a centralized database (CORE) for retrieving court records. Members of the public can search for Duval County civil court records on CORE with a case party name or case number. They can refine their search to civil cases with the case type parameter. Online access is provided free of charge.

Individuals can also obtain Duval County civil court records from the Clerk's office at the County Courthouse.

Lastly, one can submit a written inquiry via mail, indicating the party name or case number of the sought-after record. (See applicable fees.)

Duval County Family Court Records

Family law cases are heard by the circuit court in Duval County. These proceedings include juvenile, adoption, custody, child support, paternity, name changes, domestic violence, and dissolution of marriage cases.

Family court records can be obtained online, via mail, or in Person like other court records. Those requesting in Person should visit the local courthouse to submit a request at the Clerk's office. On the other hand, mail requesters can send a letter to the court's mailing address, including all necessary details for court staff to locate the case record.

Duval County Clerk of Courts
Attn: Family Law Department
501 West Adams Street
Room 1054
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Individuals can also explore the remote access option (CORE) to obtain family court records. However, family court records are exclusively accessible to registered users.

It is important to note that certain records from family court cases, such as those related to juvenile and adoption cases, are not available to the general public. However, parties directly involved in such cases can obtain the records.

Duval Dissolution of Marriage Records

Dissolution of marriage (divorce and annulment) cases are typically addressed within the realm of family law and thus overseen by the circuit court in Duval. Records from these cases can be obtained through the Clerk's online, in-person, or mail-in request channels. However, records deemed confidential are not accessible to the public.

Duval County Marriage and Divorce Records

Duval County marriage and divorce certificates from June 6, 1927, to the present can be obtained from the State Department of Health in Duval County in Person or via mail. However, it is essential to note that the certificate received is only an abstract of the actual record maintained by the Duval County Clerk of the Circuit and County Courts office.

Individuals can order from a state-approved private vendor or directly from the Department of Health's Bureau of Vital Statistics to procure a certified copy of a Duval County marriage certificate or divorce certificate. Generally, requests must include:

  • The name of a record subject
  • The date of dissolution/marriage
  • The county where the dissolution/marriage occurred (in this case, Duval)
  • The requester's contact details

Detailed directives and application forms can be found on the Department's marriage and divorce records website. However, below is the breakdown of costs:

  • A $5 search fee for a calendar year and one certified copy
  • A $4 fee for any additional certified copy requested in the same order
  • A $2 search fee per calendar year if the exact year is uncertain (maximum fee $50)
  • A $10 for an express service request (typically applicable to records filed before 1970 for walk-in same-day requests)
  • A $1 shipping and handling fee

Alternatively, members of the public can obtain a Duval marriage record, including those before 1927, from the Duval County Official Records (uncertified copies of recorded marriage licenses are also available for free). They can also inquire at the Clerk's Official Records and Research Department for a certified copy of a Duval marriage license or final divorce judgment.

Duval Birth and Death Records

The State of Florida maintains Duval County vital records, including birth and death certificates. While original certificates remain state property, certified copies can be retrieved from the Bureau of Vital Statistics for legal purposes. Available order options include in-person, mail, or electronically (online or via telephone) through a government-approved private vendor.

For in-person orders, one may visit the Bureau of Vital Statistics in Duval County at the following address during business hours:

Office of Vital Statistics
Florida Department of Health in Duval County
3225 University Boulevard South
Suite 100
Jacksonville, FL 32216
Phone: (904) 253-1620

Mail requests should be sent to:

Office of Vital Statistics
Florida Department of Health in Duval County
921 North Davis Street
Building A
Suite 251, MC-21
Jacksonville, FL 32209

Email inquiries can be directed to DuvalVitalStatisticsInfo@flhealth.gov.

Note that birth records below 125 years are deemed confidential by Florida Statutes. However, those who meet the criteria below can obtain a Dival County birth certificate:

  • Registrants 18 and above
  • The listed parents on the record
  • The legal guardian of a subject of record, with proof of legal custody

To obtain a certified Duval birth record, the requester will need to furnish the following details:

The fee for obtaining a certified birth record is $15, with an additional $14 fee per extra copy requested simultaneously. All forms of payment are accepted except for personal checks. Birth records provide proof of citizenship and a form of identification.

On the other hand, Duval death certificates below 50 years of age are considered confidential and are only accessible to the following persons:

  • The spouse or parent of the deceased
  • The child, grandchild, or sibling (if of legal age) of the deceased
  • Any individual who provides a will, insurance policy, or other document demonstrating an interest in the decedent's estate
  • An authorized person acting on behalf of any of the aforementioned individuals
  • A person bearing a court order

Those interested in obtaining a copy of a Duval County death certificate can find detailed instructions on the Bureau of Vital Statistics website.

Duval County Probate Court Records

Duval County's probate court oversees probate cases covering wills and estate distribution matters. Like other court records in Duval, probate court records can be retrieved online from the Clerk Online Resource ePortal, by mail, or in Person at the local courthouse. Below is the relevant mailing address:

Duval County Clerk of Courts
Attn: Probate Department
501 West Adams Street, Room 1173
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Duval County Property Records

Property records are considered part of the Duval County public records. They contain information about real estate situated in the county, such as deeds, liens, taxes, and assessments. The Circuit and County Clerk's office serves as the official recorder and custodian of property records in Duval and provides public access through specific channels.

Individuals seeking property records can access the Clerk's Official Records Search to find and view uncertified recorded documents.

They can also request uncertified copies ($1 per page) and certified copies ($ per page plus a $2 certification fee per instrument) from the Clerk's Official Records and Research Department via mail. Mail-order payments can be made by money order, certified check, or cashier's check payable to the Official Records and Research Department, and requesters must enclose a stamped and self-addressed envelope for the return of their requested documents. Below is the mailing address:

Duval County Clerk of Courts
Attn: Official Records and Research
501 West Adams Street
Room 1253
Jacksonville, Florida 32202

Individuals can visit Room 1253 during working hours for in-person requests. Cash, money orders, cashier's checks, certified checks, and credit cards are all acceptable payment methods for in-person orders.

Comprehensive property information can be obtained from the Duval County Property Appraiser. The Appraiser maintains a web application that offers basic, advanced, and tangible property searches. Basic searches require a property owner's name or address, while advanced searches can be based on criteria such as sales date, value, size, and location.

Duval County Court Records Online

In addition to official government databases, Duval County court records can be obtained from independent websites that offer such services. These platforms gather information from various sources, not limited to government sites, and sell the information to interested parties.

Utilizing a third-party site like courtrecords.us offers several benefits, including access to a broader collection of court records and a simplified search process. These websites also provide convenient access, allowing users to retrieve records without leaving their homes or offices.

However, third-party services generally carry a cost. Many sites require users to subscribe or pay a fee to search for detailed records. Also, data accuracy varies. Therefore, users should verify that the information obtained is current and correct as a precautionary measure.

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